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  1. osanyin

    92 sc400

  2. Ok, after a few hours of searching I figured it out.... for those interested in knowing, that is the hydraulic fan motor valve / solenoid....
  3. Hello, I need some help identifying a sensor or the name of a part. I just purchased my first Lexus; it is a 1992 sc400. The engine light was on and I was able to pull code 13 and 21. I am looking at a possible o2 sensor replacement and a possible crankshaft or camshaft sensor replacement. While I was looking around I noticed that the sensor in the picture (picture is not from my vehicle) had a bad wire. I moved the wire around and the car turns off but after positioning the wire again it stays on. Could someone tell me what that sensor is and what it does? It just doesn't look like a cam
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