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  1. I bought a used distance light sensor off EBAY about15 Months ago,  and pd a regular body's shop man to replace it. It was very inexpensive on EBAY   I didn't watch them do it but I am pretty sure they took off the front bumper cover, i.e. Body shop do this all the time and told me when they get a wrecked Lexus that has front end damage they replace all the sensors so they have good used sensors. My Car is an 2008 LS460L. The dealer sensor is outrageously expensive for the part alone. If you know a good body shop I would give them a call and tell them your problem and ask if they have some used  sensors and the price to replace one. 


  2. I called a Lexus expert $25.  and he told me the first thing is to get a new gas cap and for the time being take the gas cap off and turn the O-ring on the cap around and put the cap back on. He said, in two days the lights ie VSC, engine light and all the other lights will go out. And they did Hallelujah.

    when the tank is very low sometimes the VSC and all the other lights come on and I just stop and unscrew the NEW gas cap then screw it in and in about 4 stop during the day all the lights go out.  I wouldn't go to the dealer until you try this simple solution. 


    1. DCPD73


      Own a 1999 470 LX and have a whining noise coming from the drivers side engine. Car has 198k. Mechanic has no idea what the noise is. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, the noise is present in the am and fades away as the engine gets warmer.

  3. Replacing A/C filter on LS460-2008
  4. replacireplacing AC filter under driver seat of LS 460–2008
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