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  1. In Maryland, the Nav always tells me to take Interstate 87 to get to Annapolis. I-97 goes there, I-87 is in upstate NY. It tells me to exit at almost every toll booth (there are no exits at toll booths). The Lexus Nav system gets really confused in NJ, maybe because the roads are close together. I was once directed to enter a highway by going up an exit ramp; almost got killed on a dark & foggy night. My 2011 ES 350 cannot get a database update more recent than 2012. So my nav system thinks I'm driving across fields when I'm driving across the many new highways in the area. Just thi
  2. I've been writing to Lexus for years, and going to my dealer for years. The built-in $2,465 navigation system in my 2011 ES 350 has been awful. Makes a lot of mistakes, data is out of date. The first database update was very expensive to get me from 2011 to 2012, but nothing is available after 2012; in road years that is a LONG time. The blue tooth in the car has always interfered with the operation of my smart phone (iPhone 4, then iPhone 5S). Horrible situation, the very costly navigation in my Lexus is of very little value and it prevents the free systems in my smart phone from operati
  3. $30 Noisehush better than my $2,465 Lexus Nav System

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