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  1. You're welcome, FSM for front suspension: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54151992/Front%20Suspension.pdf
  2. If you need any manuals how-to replace them, i can attach the FSM.
  3. ES330 2004. I bought Monroe struts (part numbers: 72205 for right and 72206 for left, each for around 50$ in ebay), KYB SB102 strut boots and DEA strut mounts (won't recommend). I also changed the brake rotors (heavy duty drilled from Sportstop) and pads. If you want to replace your struts yourself, i would recommend you just to buy quick strut assemblies. You'll be ready with all this job may be in an hour or couple of hours. I've just left that AVS plugs unattached.
  4. I've recently replaced all my AVS struts with non-AVS ones. Till now i didn't see any lighting up warnings. Mine old struts were so bad, that they killed all my front suspension, have to replace now wheel bearings, outer tie rods, sway bars, control arm bushings too.
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums Ulan :)

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