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  1. No it's not and it's working properly
  2. Good I found the question already asked, mine is a 93 SC400 and the RPM is 2.1 or 2.2 at 60 MPH, and since I also have a 94 LS400 I was in doubt that this reading is correct or normal. The more we have replies in here the more we can make sure that it's just normal, appreciate your help guys.
  3. Would you read the second and third option and give an opinion, as of now I'm more with the MEGAN or the Ksport coilovers
  4. Hello guys, I thinking of a new look for my LS400 1994, for the rims, I'm almost done with 18" -deep dish- gold and chrome BBS copy (as they are originaly manufactured as 19 only) the tyres size 245/45/18 to maintain the comfort of the ride. Now the big confusing thing is the suspention, as I want to give it a slight drop. But I'm worried about the comfort of the ride, and in the same time I don't like my OEM coil overs handling, speci
  5. I know the right guy for you, he'd built my LCD and instruments cluster, and he do tge ECU rebuild as well as it is one of the common failure in our cars, his name is Jim and he is a retired engineer, now doing this business from his work place in his home, and he do this job now for the agency it self. I would recommend this guy for everybody, he did a very good job with me, and he will give you his guarantee as long as you own the car and he is committed to his customers. Email: Mobile: 559 2405235
  6. Thank you LSPaul, yes it's still working perfectly but it's broken from the upper side where you connect the key chain and I want ut badly, now I found a used key in perfect condition, but it's sadly seems that its not possible to do what I'm trying to do, right?
  7. Hello guys, I need your help if any body knows, is it possible to remove the full contents of my one button remote key into another used one, that's all because my shell is broken from the key holder side but still working perfectly. Many thanks for any help.
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