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  1. Yes, will email to all my friends and relatives. It's so sad, just paid $2.17 for regular unleaded here in LA. :chairshot:
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for a good radar detector, guess the LAPD is short on budget lately, there seems to be a cop at every other corner catching people who are going just a few miles over the limit. I know nothing about radar detectors, what is a good brand and model? is more expensive the better? are used ones ok to buy?..etc. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, here is something strange happening to my 96 es300, the ABS will kick in while braking on dry pavement right before the car comes to a complete stop, especially when braking at a corner while turning the steering a little, I can hear the clicking from one of the front wheels and can feel that clicking with my foot stepping on the brake paddle, tires and brake pads are good and my local mechanic could not find out what’s causing it. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Dear Lexus owners, Please recommend a effective and inexpensive after market navigation system/GPS for my 96 es300, due to this new job that I have to visit clients all over southern California everyday, any advice will be appreciated.
  5. I don't know much about cars but I would look into the EFI system and those engine temperature related sensors, there are several for different things.
  6. you may want to replace the water pump as well, my local mechanic charged me $450 for both parts and labor, toyota dealer wanted $927.68 plus tax, was afraid to get a quote from lexus dealer so i didn't call them.
  7. bbsal, they look great but i must have missed some your earlier posts, did you do something to the lights? most of them look bright white to me.
  8. ok, I will try tighten the bolts and see, only if my tool can reach to them, they looked pretty hard to get to without removing some stuff above the valve cover though. I guess it's not a good solution to add a bottle of those "guaranteed stop leak" thing?!
  9. Hello everyone, 96 es300, noticed a few drops of oil on the garage floor few days ago, checked carefully, found some oil around the oil pan and on the side of valve cover (the one closer to the firewall behind the intake and throttle body), like to get an idea about how much it cost to fix it parts and labor, dealer or non-dealer, or any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
  10. toddls400, smart idea, wish the club could provide this service say for a small fee?
  11. Hello, I have mine replaced 2 months ago, bought parts from toyota dealer for under $100 (don't remember exactly but both sides for under $100), and the local mechnic did it for $160 labor, mine is 96 es300, told the dealer it's a 96 camry v6. btw-it is weird if you have dealer do the job, they will charge $358.91 for parts and $526.73 for labor?! then they will give you a free car wash that you don't really need.
  12. The key should be adjustable in case it is stripped, it happend to me and i took it to a tire shop, the guy used a screw driver and pounded on it from the other end, that fixed the problem and charged me something like $10
  13. Hi guys, does anyone know where i can buy or mail order a add-on center armrest (front) for 96 es300? the original is a little too low, just can't really rest my arm on it very comfortabily, have seen these clip-ons in other cars that adds 2-3" to the existing armrest. Thanks for any suggestions.
  14. try to find a local mechanic you can trust, but specify using toyota parts, that will save you few hundred (that's what I did), if not using "genuine" toyota parts will save you another couple hundred.
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