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  1. Thought I'd attach these docs, as they worked for my 2000 LS400. Note that each key needs to be programmed twice. Once for the remote (to lock and unlock car), and once for the chip that allows the engine to start with that key. These should work for 1998-2000 LS400 Hope it helps! 1998-2000 LS400 Engine Key Programming (WORKS).pdf 1998-2000 LS400 Remote Key Programming (WORKS).pdf
  2. Old thread... I know... but is this (attached) the C-Best list you refer to? CBES.pdf
  3. OK. Got the cradle and box out of the car. I was able to pull down the overhead light enough to tuck the hanging light up inside and out of sight. Thanks for the help!
  4. OK. I took the wood panel off and reconnected the plug. That got the left light to turn on now. Anyone know if the VSC button is supposed to light?
  5. I have a 2000 LS 400. On the top of the wood console (below the radio) there are 3 buttons, 2 Heated Seats (left and right) and the VSC off button. At night, when I turn on my lights, only the far right heated seat button illuminates. The left one does not. Neither does the VSC button. Note when the buttons are depressed, they function fine. Is there a replaceable bulb in there... or does the button/switch need to be replaced? Thanks! See attached pictures...
  6. Does this mean that I don't have that phone box thing in the trunk of my car? Also, I did remove the cradle... but put it back when I could not get the wire disconnected... so I should be good there.
  7. OK... did some more searching. First picture below is the handset with the wire. I then pulled the carpeting away from the left side of the passenger footwell. Heres' what I found (second picture). 3rd picture is the mic that was installed by the mirror. So... I think I found the endpoint for the cradle wire and also the mic. Need to determine what the last wire is in that control box and whether I can remove it.
  8. Thanks 1990LS400. I did read all of your posts. I unplugged all of the wires below the armrest. There is still 1 more wire from the cradle going towards the front of the car. Almost looks like it's going down the right side ... down the foot-well carpeting. I took out the wood around the shifter... and could only follow it so far.
  9. yea, there is definitely a wire leading towards the front. My understanding is that it must be connected to the radio and fan unit in order to mute them during a call. Just wondering if it can be easily unplugged, or whether it was hard-wired in.
  10. I've gone through all of the phone posts here, but still having a problem. What I can't figure out is how to remove the cradle wire that goes up towards the radio. Is there a plug at that end that is simple to remove? Is it connected to the radio? Thanks!
  11. Did you buy it? I just picked up a cherry 2000 LS 400 for just under $5k (177k miles). But with these vehicles, who really cares about the mileage? :-)
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