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  1. I had this happen to me.....Check you battery connections(wiring too) very carefully. Like Denny said, dimming lights are caused by something else ... perhaps in the charging system. With the 90 LS I drove for over 13 years, dimming lights generally meant that the alternator was on its way out. Is your power steering pump leaking fluid on to the alternator? If it is get the power steering pump fixed ASAP or at least make a plastic drip shield to protect the alternator. And yes, all LS400's and all other Lexus LS cars, including the 1990, had anti-lock brakes as standard equipment. Mayb
  2. I agree with 1990LS400.... I buy all my oil filters, coolant and trans oil from a Toyota dealer. I always cross reference lexus parts to Toyota before I but at a Lexus dealer. If I have to go to dealer, I use Carson Toyota for my lexus parts.
  3. Time for new front rotors on my 98LS. I have a question about Brembo performance. I have read some reviews that say they aren't as good as OEM, have you experienced this? Does anybody know who makes the OEM rotors for lexus and the cheapest place to buy them? Thanks for the help!!
  4. One just slightly smaller that the wheel lock just wedge it on by hammering it on the wheel lock. It has worked for me before,I learned it from a Lexus Tech!
  5. I agree with Ajahearn because of the history of the car(the receipts) They have already done 1500 to 2000 dollars of work for you! But I would also look at the black one for 2600 and see what record history it has. The car is very clean inside and out. The back seat has 350 to 400 dollars worth of leather repair that I can see. Take the one with the best paper history. If either car has air shocks RUN away!! Big bucks to repair!! No matter which one you pick? Please have is inspected by a Lexus qualified person in your area!! These old(but great cars)can have thousands of dollars of hidden
  6. Before you take it to the dealer,try and wedge a long shocket over it and see if you spin the wheel lock off.
  7. Check to see if your Battrey terminals are loose, If OK? Then look at the wiring harness in the trunk. By chance, is your power steering pump leaking and geting into your new alternator? Hope this helps!!
  8. try Ph# 1 866 240 7100 good luck!
  9. Have you tried phone#1 866 240 7100 1990 to 94 will fit your car. They have blue,black and silver in stock according to their pictuers maybe other colors?? Hope this helps!!
  10. Heartbroken, Sorry to hear about your accident!! If you really part out the car? I would be very interested in the center aircondtion event, and all the wood in the center console area. If your interior is tan ? I would like to buy the steering wheel. My email address is
  11. If you want a cool looking car? Put them on. I have a 94LS it came with the same tire size as yours. I bought Lexus oem rims from a 04 430 LS. Before checking tire prices. Be ready for sticker shock if you want a good tire. I put on Bridgestone AS 960's 245/45/18 at the tune of 1200 dollars after all said and done. I am very happy with the tire but not the ride. I could really tell the difference very quickly from the stock size. I bought the tire because it has a 40,000 mile warranty! Most tires that size only get 25 to 30,000 miles out of them! Good luck!! BTW I live in the OC so you can e
  12. What are you looking for exactly? I have a parts ls400 in my yard. The suspension is complete. Wheels are good what intake parts are you looking for give me a list I'll see what I can do. Rich rich13, I am looking for the tabs (woodgrain) that fit on the armrest for the rear doors of a '92 LS400. If you have those, can you (or anyone else that has parts) give me a price? thanks Fusguy... I might have what you are looking for. Do you need both sides? Do you need them cpmplete? Or just the ash tray or switch plate? My email is
  13. The tire size is correct for 18" wheels. The speed rating was a V not a Z. The OEM tire was made by dunlap.
  14. If they are 18" five spoke I just bought a set of four for my 1994 LS for 600 dollars . I had to pay 225 dollars for the fifth rim to complete the set. If they are the 17" ? I would be interested in buying your wheels when you settle on a price for my 1998 LS
  15. Let me add my 2 cents here! My 20 year old son is driving a 1999 ls 400 because some one didn't replace their timimg belt at 90,000 miles. It broke at 95,000 miles. It ruined the engine!! The owmer didn't have the money for a new engine. So he sold a perfect looking ls400 to me for 1500 dollars. I put in a low mileage engine from the wrecking yard for 5000 dollars. My son is very happy with his car. Timeing belts can go for 100,000 miles or more!!But the can break early also!! Rare,I must agree!! But how much a gambler are you? That's the guestion ? Good luck!
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