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  1. Are u a Naval Aviator? I was in AOC Class 28-68.

  2. GDixon, thanks for your post! I get your points but they lead me to believe the points in my post were not clear and thus require a bit of clearing up. First and foremost, the 90.96 Octane blended fuel is the recommended 91 Octane fuel and WILL NOT knock, triggering the knock sensor to !Removed! the engine timing (de-tuning as you say). Mileage and performance will be IDENTICAL to that of the lexus LS430 owner pumping 100 tankfuls of 93 octane fuel a year while saving $505.00/year at today's costs not just $ 227.00/year, as with the 50/50 89 and 93 blend (91 Octane) I first mentioned. T
  3. Since filling the 22.2 gallon LS 430 tank with 93 octane premium at its premium price gives you nothing in additional performance or MPG, many drivers with a mind toward economy opt to use a mixture of 50% 93 octane premium and 50% 89 octane plus to achieve the desired exact 91 Octane at an overall lower pump price. For additional savings another option is 65% 93 octane and 35% 87 regular which yields a 90.96 Octane blend which will not knock, trigger the knock sensor and !Removed! the timing with the resulting reduction in performance and MPG. I currently get the same 30 MPG with A/C blo
  4. When will I learn to look on the LS430 forums before doing "anything" to my wonderful car. I likewise cleaned my MAS this past week with the CRC Mass Airflow Sensor cleaner. As I have a K&N air filter installed, upon seeing the amber air temperature sensor atop the two MAS wires I thought what I was seeing was a globule of oil from the K&N filter, Oh NO!. Thanks heavens for Google as I quickly found a picture of a Lexus MAS showing that the amber air temperature sensor was part ot the mechanism. Likewise I now see its picture here on the forums. If you are cleaning your MAS you mu
  5. If I lived in Saudi Arabian and had to contend with sand storms I would seriously consider not utilizing the K&N air filter that I'm confident contributes 1-1.5 MPG to my high 29MPG highway mileage. Along with to maximize mileage I also avoid obviously dusty enviornments (construction sites, substandard roads etc.) and regularly add 8 oz of Marvel Mystery Oil ( Upper Cylinder Lubricant) at fillup to MINIMIZE wear associated with any particles that get past the K&N before they are quickly exhausted.
  6. I didn't find when looking on TireRack.Com that the OEM Dunlop SP 5000 was specifically a LRR tire. I believe however that my airing up to 35PSI reduces the rolling resistance of the tires. In reading about LRR tires the ads usually suggest the the FUEL SAVINGS will be realized over the life of the tires and won't give you the immediate and measurable improvement of from +3-5 MPG I gained by installing a K&N air filter in the air box and replacing the stock Denso plugs with the Denso Twin Tip Iridiums. Unmentioned in my previous posts regarding high MPG results was the fact that I used
  7. Yes, low rolling resistance tires are certainly a meaningful part of the high MPG game, and they don't undully compromise safety, or they wouldn't be sold. The 2005 LS 430 I'm getting the super highway MPG out of was purchased in early November, 2014 from the Baton Rouge Lexus dealer with only 33,500 miles on it. It had been owned by an 84 year old man since new, who replaced the tires with OEM Dunlop SP 5000 from the dealer when they got to be 10 years old, even the SPARE. I trust these tires are low rolling resistance tires as when I let off the gas there is no immediate sensation of decel
  8. Just to be clear my 29.7 and 29.8 MPG results were calculated by dividing the miles driven by gallons pumped. In each case the fuel was topped off at the beginning and end of the trip. My wife and I were in the car with luggage going and added antique purchases in the trunk on the return trip. In both cases the trip computer was not optimistic as it showed in the high 28 mpg range. In my first post regarding mileage I reported replacing the plugs with Denso Twin Tip Iridium's, see, which I believe gave me +1.5 MPG over the stock Denso plugs. You mention temperature which
  9. I didn't make the above tests until all of the items except changing the transmission fluid were done. I realize that the approx. 100 mile range above is open to discussion as to exactly what I now get on the highway so a much longer highway trip to Mobile, AL from Baton Rouge, LA and return the weekend of February 8, 2015 may settle any argument. GOING: 239.8 miles,68 degrees F, 65 MPH on cruise, no A/C, 4.04 hour duration, Average 59 MPH, 8.066 gallons, no head or tail wind, 29.7 MPG ! RETURN: 240.6 miles, 73 degrees F, 70 MPH on cruise, A/C 1/2 of trip, 3:50 hour duration, Average 63 M
  10. I have taken my newly acquired 2005 LS 430 to an amazingly highway fuel efficiency level by simply doing the following things available to any LS 430 owner. 1) Aired up the OEM Dunlop SP 5000 tires to 35 PSI with Nitrogen to stabilize pressure against temperature variations. 2) Replaced stock air filter in air box with exact fit K&N air filter from Amazon.Com. 3) Replaced stock Denso plugs with Denso Twin Tip Iridium plugs from Visit 4) Replaced stock Lexus Synthetic blend oil with Royal Purple 5W30 100% synthetic oil in crankcase. 5) Rep
  11. Thought I'd share my excitement at acquiring my NEW 2005 Lexus LS430 with members of the club. Early last month I went to the local Lexus dealer looking for an '07, '08 or '09 LS460 that I figured would be in my price range. They had two, a '07 with 96,000 miles on it and a '09 with 56,000 miles but neither was my preference of white which I disclosed. The salesman then said that they had recently taken in a, loaded, white '05 LS430 that a wealthy 84 year old man had bought new from them, that had had ALL services done there, even an OEM Lexus battery and (5) brand new OEM Dunlop SP Sport
  12. I just QUICKLY reattaching the rear sun screen on my 2005 LS 430 even though the how to answers on the net indicated that it was virtually impossible while the frame was installed in the car, should be done by the dealership, or to prepare yourself for a $2,000 replacement cost as it was only sold as a complete unit. HERE IS HOW: Using the perfect tools "(3 )Bosch Basics 6" Spring Clamp with Flex" (EBAY) or equivalent and with the screen frame in the UP position loosely secure the screen to the top of the frame, Left, right and middle ( So you can quite fighting it!). With t
  13. Welcome to the Lexus forums Naval Air :)

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