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  1. Recieved an email from Jim yesterday. He still does not have a fix. I am thinking about taking it to the dealer. They want $800 for the circuit board and 2.5hrs labor. Not even sure its the circuit board. The rapping seems to work on the tach but not the speedo. Damn thing has a peronality all of its own. A
  2. This problem is driving me crazy. Speedo and tach work for a week at a time. Sometimes the speedo works and the tach does not. Soemtimes they both work. Have found two sources for repair through my research on the internet. Mr. says they rebuild the clusters for $189 including postage. Also found some limited info on this web site re: Jim Walker. Anyone have similar problems? Any experience with any of these two vendors? Not having any problems with the needles lighting up. Speedo and tach just sit on zero. Thanks Andy