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  1. 01 gs300, purchased used in 2008 from Island Motors in Baton Rouge, La. Insured by Safeway auto ins. Have liability, 720.00$ a yr premium. Gold exterior with biegeinterior. Repairs have been with a local mechanic shop where I live and also have a friend who is very handy when it comes to repairs. Had the drive belt change by shop then my buddy changed my water pump timing belt, camshaft seals, crankshaft seal, sparkplugs, wires were good. This was the 2nd timing belt and spark plug change, the first time was before I purchasedit by the previous owner. Only the passenger front door will lock and unlock with the fob, the other 3 have to be locked by hand or manually. Currently im having acelerator stalling problems, when I nail the gas it will hesitate but if I slack off on the trottle it will eventually pick up speed but it doesnt have the power there it should habe, oh I also did a motor vac flush about a yr or so ago. I thought this problem may be the tranny speed sensor, ive also looked at other members posts and some said it was the oxygen sensor, I had 2 of them changed about 3 yrs ago, I sure would appreciate some feedback, there is 192,000 miles on the car, ive been using mobile 1 oil and run some sea foam from time to time in it, crankcase and gas tank, I love my lexus and was contemplating installing 2 nice sounding peformance mufflers for some good sound and a little more pick up if that would be rcommended, I have a knN air filter on it which gave it a little more get up.
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