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  1. Hello - What I do is, I get a Latex glove. Cut two fingers off. slide the cut parts of the glove over two regular kitchen knives and tape the ends tightly with painters tape. then put one on top of the cd and the other on the bottom. While sticking the knives as far in as they will go put some pressure to clamp the knives on the cd. Turn the car on then pull. If that doesn't work then hit the eject button as well. Work for me every time. Good Luck.
  2. Hello - The one this you can not do is throw any 12" sub as a replacement.When you pull the rear seat out and drop the rear deck, you will notice that the stock Mark levingston sub is not in a enclosure. Meaning that the sub is a free air sub. That being said you can only don three things. Buy a replacement on Ebay but chances are they will be used and you might be buying a sub that needs repair anyway. You could also take your sub out and have it re coned by a reputable place or do it yourself If you have someone do it, spend the money as you don't want to re do this twice. What I did was buy a free air sub for a home speaker. It was inexpensive and a off brand like pierless but works fine. I cannot remember the name of the speaker or what site I bought it at but as long as the ohms match you should be fine. I hope this helps. While you are at it put some dynamat on the rear deck. The will help out the bass sound better.
  3. i bought set of Trafficstar rims for my '03 LS430, The tires that came with them were 255-35-55 for the front and 295-35-20 on the rears, The front tires rubbed a bit when making a full tight u turn.I think if I change the front tires to 245-35-20, the problem should go away. Now for the rears, they barely cleared the wheel well rubbed on the fender when going over bumps and up curved steep driveways. Thankfully there was no damage to my car. I took them off right away and put the stock tire back on, Will 275-35-20 size tires fit the rear rim rim and clear the fender well? I also do not what to have issues when I have passengers in the back seat with luggage in the truck. If I got to a 275, are there any other things I should do or can do to prevent camber ware?
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