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  1. Engine Control Unit. SOMETIMES: "transmission jerks from 1st to 2nd gear, and kinda slips from 2nd to 3rd" AND the fact that it is a 99. This issue is more of a problem for the earlier models but includes my year: It's not really a problem yet, but these caps do have a shelf life. I was just putting out feelers for future reference. I plan to drive this thing until the wheels fall off. (Or I ever find another Black Onyx with blue interior. Never seen another one since I got mine.)
  2. Thanks guys. Too bad. Oh, btw, to swap ecu's you have to have the security keys reprogrammed by a dealer or have the master key for the replacement ecu's car. Just so you know. Not having to deal with any of that is just one of the benifits of doing this cap job.
  3. I want to get the capacitors replaced in the ecu on my 1999 LS but I can't be without my car. Any reliable techs in the Dallas area do it?
  4. Yes. Thanks. But when I said I couldn't find them on the sewell site, I meant I couldn't find them in that picture in that link. There are no "bushings" listed and I don't know where the bushings go on it so I can't find them. Can anyone post the part #?
  5. Getting the rack replaced and I want to replace the bushings too but I can't find them on the Sewell site or this forum either. Anything else you would suggest to replace at the same time?
  6. I put my LS in the shop for some work and they gave me a 2013 ES loaner. My 15 yr old LS rides a LOT better than this "new" car. Do 18" wheels make that much difference or is it just because it's an LS? I'm continually amazed with my LS.
  7. Detailed description of the upgrades for each model year:
  8. Thanks, Craig. Yes, meant the corner lights next to the headlights. Strange, that they are not required. They are on every other car I've ever seen. They are required on my Semi. Anyway, good to know before I started tearing things apart.
  9. No. I mean the front corner marker lights don't stay on with the headlights. The blinkers and hazard lights do blink.
  10. both front corner lights are out at the same time. Is there a single fuse for them? Where? BTW, blinkers do work.
  11. My headlights have a clear coating on them that is peeling off. Is this original clearcoat? What is the best way to get it off? I don't want to sand since the headlights are still perfect; no haze. oxidation or pits. It's flat so I thought perhapes a razor blade but I wanted to know if anyone knows of a solvent that can wipe the film off without hurting the headlight.
  12. I haven't seen any since I got mine until today:[LEXUS[LS400[]][]]&modelCode1=LS400&searchRadius=25&showcaseOwnerId=0&startYear=1981&Log=0&captureSearch=true&fromSIP=C1446C1BC722F94B4C094EFFF85AE28F&showToolbar=true&Log=0
  13. I always thought a "paint can opener" was called a screw driver. Never knew there was a dedicated tool for that. Looks like you know what you're doing. Thought I'd mention that in my research on this car I found a post somewhere that showed a P/S rebuild. It mentioned that the cause for the failed o ring is the worn bearing in the pump. If you have any more trouble with that new o ring you might want to check that out.
  14. I agree with them but there may be something you care about that we don't. So here are the specific changes between all generations and series: It includes photos of each generation too. Here are more articles: That website also has some very good tutorials for repairs.
  15. Several questions come to mind. Has the timing belt been changed? Is the complete owners manual set there? Check the service book that shows all service done on the car. (Timing belt is due at 90K miles.) Has the power steering leaked onto the alternator? That's a common problem. I would still suggest a pre-purchase inspection, especially if you know a good mechanic. If anything, it might give you some bargaining leverage. If nothing else is wrong, I'd happily give them 7,000 cash. It would have to be mint, with new belts/hoses/bushings/gaskets for me to pay 89K. (But when I was shopping for mine I saw asking prices from 5900 to 10K and mileage from 50K to 240K. By the way, did it have the tool kit in the trunk? Finally, I assume you've already seen this: