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  1. DVD sound output is very poor, but mainly my VAIS Tech cable broke, and I need to have the iPod integration. Also, I have the original VAIS Tech SLI which will not charge the iTouch. Took my GX to a stereo shop and they said no way, just buy a new iPod interface. they said it is possible, but I'd have to buy all new amps just to get back to where I started in the first place. Oh well.
  2. I have the Mark Levinson system with the 6 disk CD changer in the glovebox, DVD player and Navi. I'd like to replace the DVD and stereo, but unsure if I could do that and still have the touchscreen A/C controls. Do you have to just replace the tape deck with a single din unit? After searching the internet and local shops, I have yet to find any options. Anyone have any ideas????
  3. Get the swingarm style. I went with Thule, since I don't care for Yakima. Works great, swings to the side out of the way. Tilting down would most likely not work with the GX. You'd have to be pretty low to get under the door.
  4. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night, I put in the 6.1 version in place of my current 4.2 nav dvd in my 2005 GX. I noticed that I can not access the hidden maintenance menu with version 6.1, and now my unit has saved that setting, and I can no longer access the hidden menu after reinstalling the 4.2 dvd. 1) Does anyone know how to completely revert/reset back to version 4.2 so that I can once again use the hidden maintenance screen that is accessed from the Volume screen? OR MORE IMPORTANTLY 2) Does anyone know where/how the hidden maintenance screen is accessed in version 6.1???? PLEAS
  5. But when did you have the TSB done though?? Maybe the TSB you had done, was one of the older unsuccessful ones! I've been through all of Toyota's attempts and TSB and I'm finally glad they completely figured it out with this last current one. :cheers: Interesting...I'll have to look into this. I think it was this year. Do you know of a cutoff date when the TSB should be the latest version?
  6. My '05 is gonna need tires soon and I really want to get the BF Goodrich TA/KO's, but they are not the same exact size, and I wanna keep the same wheels since I have the dark ones (KDSS Package). Will I need to recalibrate my speedometer?? I asked the dealership and they said that the size difference is so small that truck will automatically adjust for it. Come on. It's a sweet truck, but it's not magic. You'd have to tell it to adjust, and I know that there's that button down by the right knee for something about the tires. Was that only used if you got new tires and removed the senso
  7. Speedracer, Dude, the KDSS is definitely the way to go. You can adjust it to soft, and I totally felt the roll effect while darting off to an almost missed exit. I thought I was gonna lose it!! I keep the adjustment to the hard setting now!!! Not sure if the vehicle is self leveling w/o KDSS as well (I could be wrong). Nothing is more cool than all of your buddies getting out of the truck and saying What the hell is that?!?!
  8. I totally agree, but would really like the rear 4Runner door that goes straight up, window goes down, and auto closes. Why the #$% do they get the nicer door?!?!
  9. You can't browse, but if you want to hear the next song on that cd, just push the up button on the touchscreen. That's as close as you're gonna get. The unit is great, but it has it's drawbacks. Even though you are only supposed to have 99 songs in a playlist, I've got 5000+ on one, so I don't think that it has a limit. I do get some random errors because of it tho. It gets confused and will sometimes list the wrong song or overwrite, but it's well worth it
  10. Just don't get the big straight, square, hitch with the big U-Haulk decal. TACKY!!! OEM is round and contoured so it looks nice, and the wire harness mount on the OEM is pretty beefy. Might want to check that out.
  11. Everything's negotiable. Never pay full price for an extended warrantee. Never go without one. I read in Consumers Report that our GX has something like 700 computers in it. Piece of mind is wonderful.
  12. The green probably refers to the green shading at the top of the windshield. After replacing the windshield in my wife's car, with a generic brand, I found that they come in many different shades on top, or none at all.
  13. My Lord, 12 pgs on the Clunk. Well let me get out my bat to beat this pile of glue which used to be a dead horse. I got the TSB done on my '05. It wasn't that bad, but if there's a fix I want it. Well, now it's three times as bad as it ever was. Hopefully, they just made a mistake and gave me the original parts. Of course, the Parts Dept said that this isn't possible since "they recalled all of the old parts and took them out of recirculation". Good times. Guess I'll start over.
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