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  1. Took the car to the dealer since it was still under warranty. The service consultant had never seen this occur. The service technician had to call Lexus service support for guidance. He ended up disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes and reconnecting it. They called this a "hard reboot" of the vehicle computer system. Everything is now working fine and I got a free car wash to boot. 2 hours time lost but now I know how to fix a reoccurrence. With all the computer and electronics on today's vehicles, it makes me feel compelled to purchase extended warranty coverage.
  2. I started the car (2013 RX350) this morning, nothing appeared on the navigation screen, camera not working in reverse, screen remains black. I can turn on the radio and hear music but cannot choose source as screen remains black. Please advise.
  3. I just received a Gates serpentine V-Belt replacement kit I purchased from RockAuto. It includes a new V-belt, belt tensioner and idler #2 pulley. I see that the belt tensioner bolt on the bottom appears to be blocked by the generator mount. Do I have to remove the generator just to replace the drive belt tensioner? The parts diagram in the repair manual (CD) page 14-19 only shows a bolt and two nuts securing it. There are 4 holes for bolts on the new tensioner provided in the kit. There are no tensioner replacement instructions included or in the Lexus service manual. The radiator hose is al
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums mjones1160 :)

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