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  1. What Aftermarket Battery You Got For Your Rig?

    Is there any difference between group 27 & 27F battery, or are they both the same?
  2. 1992 Ls400 Rough Idle And Stalls After Tune-Up.

    Thanks I will have him check on that. Hopefully it's that simple.
  3. 1992 Ls400 Rough Idle And Stalls After Tune-Up.

    Here are the list of parts: 2 Airtex/Wells Dist caps #JD938 2 Airtex/Wells Rotors # JP917 8 NKG Laser Iridium spak plugs #4589 1 set Denso wires #671-8143 I have a mechanic looking at it and he said he got a Code 13, whatever that means. So far he has been at it for over 4 hours and still no luck. He has been checking for pinched wires or vacuum hose. He is a local guy and I don't think he has much diagnotic equipment. Any help is welcome.
  4. Car was running great. Hadn't been tunned up in 10 years. Decided it was time and replaced the plugs, wires, dist. cap, rotor and serpentine belt all as a precaution. Now it idle's rough then stalls. Checked all the wires and plugs for spark and even put back the old plugs, still no good. Sounds like I unknowingly disconnected some vacuum hose or wire?. Any idea's on tracing the problem?
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums Riverside NJ :)

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