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  1. Well better late than never. I have the 2000 LX 470 in Champagne color and it has faded real bad. I just got off the phone with Lexus and they said the rep who came out to the Southampton (NY) dealership to inspect the car said "Lexus respectfully declines to offer any assistance in repainting the vehicle". Now I completely understand when something is out of warranty, but this is seemingly a know issue, particularly with those certain lighter color paints in that particular year. I have a neighbor up the block who has the very same car in black, and his paint is fine. What I would like to know here in this forum, has there been any Lexus dealerships who have seen this incident on a number of occasions and have had favorable responses from Lexus in the matter? I really love this vehicle! It is the best riding car I have ever owned, and I would really like to have Lexus help cover at least some of the cost of repainting. I think it is the right thing to do on their part, since it is a know issue.