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  1. Larry, I had the same issue. I think my post is self explanatory. Lexus paid toward the first paint job and the it refused to when other areas of the vehicle began to peel.
  2. My 2008 GX470 had significant paint peeling on the roof and a crack in the paint on the hood. I had bought the vehicle in NJ but now live in FL. The dealer I took it to, Germain Lexus of Naples, at first said it was not covered. The service rep said it was covered under the six year corrosion warranty. Then he said Lexus would pay $1,000.00 of the $1,200.00 cost. The repairs were completed in late 2013 (six years would have occurred in December, 2013). Shortly after this was done, I noticed a small crack ion the driver's door. This was the first sign of a new paint peel. I advised Lexus and I sent them pictures at their request. The body shop showed me where the paint was beginning to peel at the base of the rear passenger window and at the base of the window in the rear quarter panel. There was a spot on the opposite quarter panel where the paint was mottled. The auto shop showed me that this was a dent repair done from the door opening. This must have been dome by the selling dealer in Wilmington, DE. The body shop rep also told me that since my repair there had been numerous instances of 2008 white GX470's experiencing paint peeling. Lexus the denied my request for funding for this repair.The Lexus rep was never identified and there were no written communications so this was a phantom transaction. I then forwarded my complaint to Lexus in Torrance, CA. About two weeks later I received a call from Lexus in which Alex indicated that my request for support was denied. Again, there was only this phone call and no explanation when I referred to the warranty. When I checked the invoice for the 2013 repair, I saw that the cost Lexus paid was listed as a "goodwill" expense rather than a warranty expense so in fact Lexus never acknowledged liability
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