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  1. I am getting my research completed before buying a used 2012 GX 460 Premium. I have a few questions that I would like to hear answered from owners. 1. Does anyone have the I-phone remote RES option installed ?? I would like to get feedback. 2. What is the range and pros and cons of the Lexus remote start option ?? 3. Pros and cons of a Lexus alarm system ??? 4. Has anyone had LEDs installed for driving/ courtesy/ show lighting ?? 5. Is there anything you would change about any of the features of the 2012 GX ??? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration, Donnie
  2. Has there been any new info on the seat cover topic ?? Does Lexus make seat covers ?? I wear jeans a lot and saw a post somewhere that blue fades onto the light-colored leather seats easily. I do not want this to happen. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Donnie
  3. Has there been any software updates or other new information on this subject ??? My wife's 2011 RX350 also has no grid/reference/tracking lines and she has asked me about them many times. If we can find a way to gain this option, it would be awesome. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration, Donnie