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  1. So I've researched all over the place for the bulb size off the cluster for my 92 sc400. I ordered the 194 twist lock LEDs and they were way to big.... Can anyone tell me what the sizes are of the grey twist lock the green and the black one on the cluster is?
  2. Yeah if the EGR valve was dirty you would have to clean it out with something like a flat head... That's what I did, but I have an sc400 so they are in different locations. Have you tried taking it off? It should be a series of like 4 screws and some hoses
  3. The door panels on my car are starting to look pretty bad, does anyone have a company or something where i can get new ones or have mine fixed?
  4. Post a picture of you engine bay.... would be easier to point it out that way.
  5. Have a new system that bolts straight on to where the resonators attach to the cat.... Keep the old set up just in case, all youll have to do is unbolt the new pipes and bolt on the OEM if you dont like it.... That's what i did to mine and i love it!
  6. Don't bother with auto zone, they only read OBDII cars, if you take the ECU out one of the common problems with these cars is the Capacitors leak which cause a lot of weird things... "i know from experience"... Randoms codes come up on the dash and auto zones scanners cant read them because its an OBDI but there is a company that will rebuild the ECU for like 70$ if yours is bad.
  7. How old is you battery? A lot of the time the battery itself just wont hold the charge, how quickly does it lose its charge?
  8. Are you sure you need to replace it? Most of the time you should be able to just clean it out. Maybe this will help http://www.clublexus.com/forums/performance-and-maintenance/563474-egr-valve-cleaning.html
  9. My 1992 Lexus sc400 started revving by itself about a week ago, it revs to about 1700 then drops to 1200 and keeps doing over and over. I also noticed when I'm driving it, it starts to pick up speed with out me pressing the accelerator. When I'm at 45 mph it feels likes it's on cruise control. When I pressed my cruise control button the light in the cluster didn't come on. I've tried cleaning the IAC valve checked all the spark plugs and wires, cleaned my EGR valve and a new MAF sensor. There are no vacuum leaks, I checked every spot with carb cleaner and I'm completely out of ideas... Any suggestions!? I would appreciate it! Oh and do I need to do anything special for a new mass air flow sensor since it's an OBD1 or should it just plug in and work?
  10. I have a 1992 Sc400 and since I have bought the car, NONE of the needles on the instrument panel have worked. The previous owner had them painted white, but when i was driving one day the speedometer needle light up for a second. I know that the newer Sc400's had different wiring so the needles wouldn't work on my 92 cluster if they had been replaced with newer ones. But is there anything else that could be wrong with them? I hate looking at thew stupid paint on them!
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