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  1. I was thinks it's got to be a bad ground wire somewhere, the original ones have connectors that appear to get corroded on the terminals I just haven't had time to replace them
  2. Mine does the same thing, I tried a new alternator with no luck
  3. Or find a used one on eBay just make sure the part # is the same
  4. The best way to do it is swap out for ecm with one from the junk yard that has the same part #, it's not difficult, just unplug the defective one and plug in the replacement and see if it fixes it...it should it's a classic symptom of a failing ecm especially in these order es300's . I have gone through three in 4 years, I had one that was starting me off in 2nd gear and another that was holding a fuel injector open and dumping raw gas into the exhuast
  5. Make sure your ecm is not causing it, it's the computer located behind the glove box, that's what happened to mine
  6. the ecm is most likely the problem, find a used one with the same part # and swap it out
  7. replace your ecm with a used one, that is the problem
  8. Where are you? Need to get some advice

  9. Supposedly he has a video on how to drop the valve body and change the kickdown cable, and I would love to see it, if anyone has his contact info please let me know, thank you all
  10. Hello Toyota Nation, About a month I had a used JDM Transmission installed in my 93' es300. The mechanic warned me that there was a bad front mount and it was causing a hard 1-2 shift and jerking when placing the car into drive. I also had both half shafts changed because my boots were torn. Basically I tried to save money on the install and I ended up getting burned. I was referred to the guy and I also did some research, he had a decent website and when I talked to him he seemed like he knew what he was talking about. I had to have my car towed to the shop so I never checked out the shop and that was the #1thing that got me, had I seen the condition of the shop I would have never had my car worked on by him, put it like this, when i walked in I had to walk over dirty stuffed animals and motor parts just to get to the desk ..oh boy, yeah. Anyway, I was a sketchy job that are many things to mention but just for example for one I asked him to flush the cooler and I could tell he never touched it, the cooler lines were actually used and rotten, also they were leaking because the clamps were not tight enough. I even gave him new cooler hoses to use but I guess he just pocketed those cause I never saw them after that. Basically what I'm saying is this guy was a f'ing nightmare. So he told me that cause of the banging into gear was the front mount was broke, I had that replaced a ammco and it did not help, they said it could be the rear mount got broke during the install but they didn't want to "get into it" because they didn't want to go behind someone elses work. I just had a bad feeling also that the cv axles might be coming into playing with the banging into gear, is it possible if he installed them wrong that the axles could cause jerky shifts. The transmission shifts very nice and had very little wear in the pan when I dropped it so I'm happy with that, I was just wondering if any of you guys had an opinion of what could have happened during the install to cause the banging into gear, I did not have this issue before the install..thank you all.
  11. Can anyone give detailed info on how to remove this f**king harness...the info i have searched is just not enough. The main problem is the continuation of the wire as it leads down the tb cover, i cannot find any points where it can be disconnected. Thank you all for your help.
  12. By the way, I didn't mean it went away for good, I just meant it went away at that point, but it came back this morning. I'm going to start testing the electrical connections at the transmission housing before I open the pan up to directly test the solenoids.
  13. I just want to start by saying thank you for the reply. I actually took it to a shop on Friday and the problem did not occur the whole way there nor did it happen when the mechanic took the car for a test drive. I did explain to him that it was only happening when the car warmed up but the car was warm and still not malfunctioning. He randomly had an old odb1 toyota plug in that connected to his scan tool but he said the only reading it was giving is that my battery was low. He told me to get the battery checked and then let him know. Went to auto zone, battery was bad threw a new one in, drove an hr back to work and everything was fine, i go to leave work and the condition is back. So needless to say i will be back at ammco this week. Something really strange is going on and im 99.9% sure its electical in nature. I canged my spark plugs about a month ago and i was attempting to change my coolant temp sensor at the same time, i found out the sensor i ordered did not fit my car but it looked pretty identical to the one i had in their, so out of frustration i tried to force the connector on, really fing stupid to say the least, it didnt work and i had to yank it back off with alot of force, the terminals in the connector seemed to be fine and intact so i just put the old one back in and finished the job. So, last night i was trying some different things, i waited til the solenoids went out and then i popped the hood and just disconnected to ect sensor and then reconnected it, the malfuction went away. Sorry for the rambling, thank you