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  1. In recent months, I have noticed that my 2005 GX470 no KDS (62000 miles)rear suspension bottoms out going over certain road humps and even slowly traversing speed bumps. I am guessing that either the air shocks or air bags or both are weak. Has anyone experienced similar and come up with a fix? I have noticed that there are passive coils and shocks available for this truck, but I hesitate to go that route because of ride concerns. Does anyone have experience with these aftermarket choices?
  2. It almost sounds as if your shock absorbers are bad. Have you had them checked?
  3. I would try to remove the assembly as if you are changing the bulb and then try to blow it out with compressed air or a hair dryer before replacing it. Perhaps the bulb seal is allowing moisture past and you just need a new seal.
  4. I live in the midwest where we have 75mph interstate speed limits. I routinely cruise 80 mph in sometimes heavy crosswinds. You can feel the gusts at times, but it is nothing unmanageable. I'll put it this way. If I have to slow down because of high winds, so does everyone else out on the road.
  5. I havea 2005 that rattles. If I lube and clean it, it goes away for about 2 weeks and comes back. I am tempted to try the nylon washer repair on the toyota forum.
  6. Does anyone know if there is any trick to changing the foglight bulbs? The H3s seem hard to access from the rear. You can't see inside the fixture. Do you have to remove them by feel?
  7. I have an '05 with 8500 miles mostly city and have towed a 3700 lb boat a few times. I have no noticeable driveline clunks or any kind of jerking. I am supposed to pick up my new 2006 GX today. I have been waiting for the dealership to transfer a car from Tuscon to Phoenix as they didn't have one with the DVD system on their lot. During my wait (2 days) I have been reviewing this forum and I am a bit apprehensive about proceeding with my purchase because of the "the clunk" that is so prevalent in these posts. Consumer Reports does show a "Poor" rating for the Drive System on the '03 model
  8. I've notice that 2006 Vehicles from Honda, Toyota, and Mazda all have lower HP ratings than their 2005 models with the same drivetrain
  9. Your friend obviously doesnt know much about Toyota products. The Tahoe is a larger/heaver vehicle than pathfinders or 4runners. However, the Toyota Landcruiser is nearly as heavy as a Suburban and heavier than a Tahoe. Our GX's have the same drivetrain (engine/transmission/4wd system) as the Landcruiser although the GX is smaller and lighter weight. I had a 2000 Landcruiser and towed a 20 foot I/O boat 5 hours routinely on weekends up and down some 4% grades and easly followed Tahoes and Suburbans up and down the hills at speeds of 75mph. Also, boat owners that tow with Suburbans or Taho
  10. I have a 2005 GX470 and I am interested if anyone else is less than enthused about the head light/fog light performance. My previous vehicle was a 2000 Land Cruiser and the head lights and fog lights seemed brighter. I also have a 2003 Acura TL-S with the Xenon lights and the headlights and fog lights seem brighter. Has anyone tried any aftermarket bulbs with good success?
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