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  1. Hey guys i was woundering if anyone knew how to remove the middle seatbelt in a gs 300 lexus? I took the seats off: bottom and top and wanted to remove the middle seat belt, because my dog teared it up and it just gets in the way, so i was wanting to remove it.any help would be greatly apprechiated.
  2. Hey guys i was wopudnering where i could but leather seat skins for my seats? tyhey are cracked and i want to replace them.
  3. Hey guys i need some quick help on how to place the rear seat of the first generation lexus gs 300 down so that i can compete in a sound competition. It's legal to fold your seats down to test and i was woundering if someone wcould help? any suggestions would be greatly apprechia ted!!!
  4. where can you buy a leather patch? What would yuou do with the slit you made to put the patch under?
  5. Hey guys i was woundering if anyone knew about something that could fix a rip in a leather seat. It's in the driver's seat and pretty wide. Is there anything that could patch it up? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. did you notice a big differnce in how the street and your headlights looked compared to the stock lexus bulbs?
  7. Hey guys i was wanting to know what bulbs wiould look the best in my gs 300 lexus. Either the napa-xenon, super birght hyper white, or the silverstars? Any suggestions would be highly apprechiated.