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  1. I bought all body and trim items from the local Lexus dealer. The two headlamps from ebay. Even if the headlamps have broken tabs, Lexus offers a repair kit for these tabs which is what I did.
  2. Does anyone which model of HR spacers will fit the LX570? The wheels look too goofy tucked in to me. .
  3. Owners, please use the following info at your own risk. To get the AFS system to work please understand the following first. 1. The original headlamp has 3 plugs. The new headlamp has 2 plus. 2. The smaller 3 pin plug on the original headlamp is used for the leveling of the headlamp. The swivel feature wiring is contained on the large plug in both the newer and older headlamps. 3 To make the AFS light to go away, the following needs to be done. On the large connector of the vehicle. MOVE PIN 1 TO PIN 9 MOVE PIN 7 TO PIN 1 Remove the mid
  4. I received the other side light. Rewired the AFS system for the drivers side and tested everything. NO AFS WARNING I still need to get the lower to parking sensors and the Lexus Emblem for the grill. Everything else works correctly. If I want the LED's to run always on then a constant power source wire needs to be tapped into the headlamp. I believe on 2013 cars (someone correct me if I am wrong), the LED strip DIMS at night. A special relay is required according to the wiring diagram.
  5. Part number for small 4 pin connector that is used on updated LED/HID headlamp on 2013 LX570 is 90980-10942. You will require 2 of these connectors and 8 pins. I will provide part number of pins when they arrive tomorrow.
  6. I am updating my 2011 lx570 to look like 2013 lx570.
  7. A few updates. The rear is complete. When you install updated tail lamps, there will be a small 1/4 inch gap between the bumper and tail lamp. This can only be resolved by replacing the rear bumper. One member mentioned a trim piece that can be ordered but no such thing exists. The rear bumper replacement also requires new mudflaps In rear, tow cover, black top cover with chrome trim, side mounting rails, new reflectors. Overall the rear was pretty easy to complete. THe sonar sensors on the original bumper had two different sizes. two smaller and two larger. Now the new bumper uses
  8. Also, I acquired the right front headlamp assy. I am looking for a used left front still. I don't want to fork over 1500 for the headlamp assy.
  9. I recently purchased a 2011 LX570. It arrived loaded with all options including laser cruise, rear entertainment, lux package. In fact, I don't think there are any more options this vehicle can have. I hated the way the exterior looked so I decided to purchase the parts to facelift it. 1. Whoever said the rear lights were a direct swap is incorrect. Yes electrically they are a direct swap but there will be a gap between the lights and bumper. THe bump will have to be replaced if you want to remove this gap. Also, the black plastic trim retainer under the headlamp needs to be replaced
  10. I am going to try and retrofit the new LED headlamps into my truck shortly. I will let you know how it goes.
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