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  1. Hey, I have an 2006 IS 350 and when I put it into gear there is is creaking sound coming from the rear....It doesn't happen ALL the time but often enough, and it is worse when putting it into reverse....Also there is a loud noise when I slowly take my foot of the brake I hear a noise from the front....Is this normal? Does anyone else have this? The noise was REALLY loud at one point and I took it to the dealer and it is still there but not as loud as before....They say that all their cars make this noise, my father has the new LS and it also does this....They said it is due to the bigger brake
  2. Hey does anybody know how much horsepower is actually going to the wheels? Thanks in advance and I hope everyone had a great holiday!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Nooooooooooo of course not :P lol, no they were wearing out fast reguardless :D And JM Lexus in FL is really helpfull with any issues, I have to say they are one of the best dealers. I guess some people just live right or they have the right dealer. Were the tires gone cuz of the last 6 auto :whistles: X's you participated in?
  4. Hey guys, I took my car to Lexus today because the car was drifting to the right and my tires were almost gone ( I only have 7800 miles on the car ) and the middle tread was alright but the sidewalls were totally worn away. So anyway, I took it in today and they said they are going to give me four new tires! They said the tires were worn do to "aggressive driving" but they are going to replace them anyways! Just thought I would share.... :D The idea came to me to take it to the dealer because while I was at Autocross another IS driver told me that his car pulled to the right and he took it
  5. Hey I went to the dealer to get my 10,000 mile service on my IS 350 done (Iam actually at the dealer right now) and I got done talking to the service tech and he told me that the TSB (service bulliten) posted above delt with rattling, he also said that it would be an hour and a half just to run a diagnostic and then another hour to fix the problem. He also made a point that this bulliten may not fix the problem....So I fiqured instead of waiting two and a half hours I could live with the simple pop. And if it makes it worse when they take the whole dash apart I would kick myself later....So I
  6. Hey guys does anyone know the stopping time/braking distance for the IS 350? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey guys, I drive a IS 350 and I was wondering.....Before the IS came out I was looking at the Nissan 350Z (yea I know big difference :P ) and the sales guy said that the Z has a safety feature where if your driving and you get a flat the tire will wrap itself around the rims to prevent you from losing control, now my question is, does the IS have this safety feature as well?
  8. I have a 250, so can't help you out there. But with the car itself, if you want 4 people to fit into it, comfortably, I'd say this car isn't good for you. Only because I've had people complaining (including myself, to be honest) that the back seat is small. If you want to put your grandkids in there, and they're younger, or you're just going for a short ride, it shouldn't be a problem at all. I actually like the smallness of my car, but when I put one of my best friend (6'2") back there and drive for an hour, he gets cramped and I feel his knees in my back the entire time........ Tha
  9. But the manufactuer time are pretty much just playing it safe, they safe the 350 does 0-60 in 5.3 seconds when people have done it in 5.0 and 5.1 So I don't think those times are reliable, when the car is in reality a tad faster...
  10. yes, there is. When it is getting near the time to change your oil, the ! will pop up and ur trip computer will say oil change required soon....The same goes for the low washer fluid!
  11. Yes, just the normal one.....I dunno I have heard ppl running 13.6 so I think it would be close...
  12. Hey guys I was driving with my friend tonight in my 350 and I pulled up the new mustang GT and he was like "that thing would eat this" and I said o really, why? and we were discussing it and I told him this story about how I raced one and I beat it....and he responded o it must have been the driver because car wise the gt is more.....Now I disagree with this, and I looked up the specs on the GT (V8) the zero to 60 is 5.1 and the quarter mile is 13.5....SO it seems these cars are pretty much equal.....What do you guys think?
  13. $175 + tax for an oil change? :o :o :o :o :o :o Synthetic or not.... WTF?!?!?! That's insane. Mobil 1 is only $6- a quart Mobil 1 SuperSyn is only $6.50 Are their filters gold plated? You can do it yourself for well under $60- Keep receipts for filters and oil, warranty will be honored. I think I paid around $100 for my oil change, but I could be wrong. I'd have to go back and check. So will a lube-n-tune know how to turn off the annoying indicator that your oil needs to be changed if it's on??? The counter is really easy to reset, a service tech at the dealer showed
  14. Hey man congrats on the car, looks great!!!!!!!!!! I have one question tho, the only difference on the '07 is the rims, the x package, and the fin right? Like there are no performance upgrades, correct? She's a beauty take care of her and most of all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I never did conside the GS because it's not an old people's car, just an oldER person's car. If your in your forties and fifties and HAVE children then the GS might be better for the leg room and what not. HOWEVER, since you do not have kids I would DEFINITLY go for the IS 350. It's looks, speed, handeling, and every other aspect of the vehicle is absoloutly great. I would not choose anything over the IS 350. I would get the IS and if you do have children then you may consider switching....BUT for now enjoy the IS :D Good luck with your decision
  16. Hi guys, I have a 2006 Silver IS 350 with a black interior. I used to use black magic wax but was told that it is not the best and leaves swirls....So I was advised to use Mcquires or mothers wax instead....Which wax is the best? And I was told not to use any degreaser on the rims...This true? What should I use, just soap and water? Is there such a thing as wheel wax? and does it work, and is it worth it? I also use this black magic protector stuff for the inside for the dash and all the plastic to protect it from the sun and enhance shine (it really does bring out the color)...Is that ok or s
  17. Yea I just got my heatshield in the mail, WORKS GREAT!!!!!!!! The shield plus the tint keeps almost all the heat out, Iam very happy with it. It's good quality and fits great!!!!!!!!!
  18. Well I know that in the IS 350 and SC 400 the pwr button pretty much pulls the gear longer, and when u accelerate and take your foot off the gas it stays in gear longer instead of shifting up so that way if you had to you could acclerate faster without having the transmission downshift. It's pretty much like the sport button. It simulates a manuel by keeping it in gear longer...Pretty much only used when your in a racey mood (like the 350 needs this ) and if your racing someone...Also In the IS I guess, it would be used in place for the drive 1 and 2 found in other cars since the IS does not
  19. I heard about some kind of IS 350 high performace where it has lighter tires, different brakes (brembo) and a new aerodynamics package, is this true? And is the IS500 becoming a relialty or is it still a concept?
  20. LMAO Well Iam glad that Iam not alone out there :P
  21. Hey I cover my car up everyday, I have this cover from pepboys, and my uncle was saying that in FL right now since it's rainy season and there is a high salt content in the water; that it may not be a good idea because the water will sit on the car and making it rust faster/easier. Is this true? And that if water gets under the cover it's even worse....Can anyone confirm or deny this? Any advice would be great, thanks.
  22. O M G I was pulling out of a parking space today ( I always go to the end so one side of the car is protected ) and well I forgot that I was SO close to the curb and I came up real close to it and scratched a little bit of my rim up :cries: IAM SO ANGRY and I already had one scrape on the same rim so now it's on like either end. Oh well I guess this weekend I will be polishing to get the dirt out ;)
  23. HA HA HA AH AAH I like the comment about the "base model" so true...And yea that's what I'll do :D
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