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  1. Lexus continues in their refusal to acknowledge and correct the defective paint on my GX 470. I’ve been told by the Lexus rep that they have not received enough complaints about this problem to issue a recall. They said if I wanted to pursue the matter, I must file an arbitrationmer. Thus, Lexus is not in a hurry to correct their mistake. In the past, I’ve purchased three brand new Lexus vehicles. Based upon this latest experience, I will not purchase another. Even the Lexus dealership where I made my purchases, Tom Harvey Lexus in Bossier City, LA, refused to rectify the problem despite their own body shop saying it was a problem with defective paint. My money will go elsewhere.
  2. Neither Lexus nor the Lexus dealership where I special ordered the vehicle wanted to ensure customer satisfaction. Several times during the warranty period, I had taken the vehicle in for chipping paint on the bumper and hood. Each time the dealer would only offer to "touch-up" the chipped area and say it was from rocks on the road. I have purchased two new Lexus vehicles from this dealer. Nevertheless, the dealer refused to make things right.
  3. I have taken my vehicle to two body shops. Each shop stated that the peeling was due to a defect in the primer/paint at the manufacturing level. They each speculated that Lexus would eventually issue a recall if enough complaints were received. My vehicle continues to chip and peel on the hood, bumper and roof. Lexus continues to hold out on satisfactorily resolving this matter.
  4. I have had no luck with my dealer on remedying the paint peeling issue. The deal continues to place liability upon Lexus since the vehicle is out of warranty. The dealer ignores the fact that I had brought the paint chipping and peeling issue to their attention on at three occasions while the vehicle was under warranty. The dealer would simply use some touch up paint and offer nothing further. I made claim for a recall with Lexus a couple years ago. The response I received was that my vehicle was an isolated instance and did not warrant a recall. If enough dissatisfied consumers articulate this issue, I am hopeful Lexus will be forthcoming and offer customer satisfaction. Thanks so much for the forum to air this issue.