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  1. Love pearl white color! Enjoy! Thenext Lexus car I get after my lease is up on 350, will be in pearl white. On a side note to the color, just got my first service and the car loved it and is running very smooth!
  2. Thanks for the ping! I am still loving my Lexus. I look forward to driving it everyday. Here are a few things I notice after having 2500 miles on it already! 1. Things I have noticed: 2. Smoother now that it has broken in 3. a little tick sound at idle, almost like a lifter 4. acceleration really kicks in around 4000-6000RPM 5. no station logos on saved XM stations, just the channel # 6. Nav works great and the call center that uploads directions for you is very good 7. I signed up on lexus site for drivers and my Vin got assigned before dealer got my info in so some of my services were not linked, i ended up having to delete my account online and recreating it and that fixed it. 8. Gas mileage is a disappointment, but the fun factor of acceleration makes up for it 9.tires with more air makes the car feel much smoother and faster. I had 32PSI, went to 34PSI and notice a difference for the better. When tires are hot they bump up to around 36 PSI 10. The car draws a lot of attention 11. Seat warmer cool down time from hot is perfect 12. Should of purchased auto windshield wipers 13. Should of purchased seat memory 14. car corners great, even though it is not F-Sport 15. Paddling shifting is impressive and fun 16. I noticed some days the power curve seems better than other days, not sure why 17. Color is awesome even with dirt, always looks clean! 18. Looking to lease a RX in December for family The car is little small for me and think I will go to the GS when lease is up in 2016, any GS owners out there have any input on that?
  3. I know the feeling! I felt that way about he GS350 the first time I laid eyes on it!
  4. Good point on the RX. I like the luxury packages as well. I did not mind not getting the F-Sport on my new 350, handles plenty good for me and looks sporty still and the ride is a little better from what I hear! I need to test drive a F-Sport to compare.
  5. The LFA inspired instrument cluster is cool also on the 2014! I do not have the F-Sport and my car handles really good around turns. I do not push the car to it's limit though. I am looking at leasing a RX350 in 10 months when my 2013 Altima lease is up. I am going to try to get the F-Sport on the RX model. Might make a crossover more fun to drive? Especially where I live with all the turns to get anywhere!
  6. I was wondering from the F-Sport owners out there of the 2014 IS350 if they feel the F-Sport upgrade makes a big difference in handling and performance over the standard IS350. Thanks in advance to all!
  7. I noticed that as well. Have you found any other solutions?
  8. After test driving the 350 I could not get excited about the 250 even though it is a gorgeous great handling car as well. The 350 fun factor hooked me from the first press of the pedal. Beware! :-)
  9. I agree, I was surprised F-sport model eliminated this color. I was unable to swing the extra expense of the F-Sport this time around. I will try again in 2 years when my lease is up.
  10. Thanks, glad to here you have visted the area. Hwy 128 has lots of higher speed turns with no LE. Hwy 20 is more intense tight turns. Both a challenge. By the way your IS color and wheels are very cool!
  11. I just picked up my new IS350 last week. The color of the car is Atomic Silver with the matching rims. I guess other people like the color as much as I do. People on a daily basis are coming up to me and complimenting Lexus on the color and style of the car. I still cant wipe the smile off my face, this car is amazing. I live in a remote town "Mendocino" where the only way to get there is over a 32 miles of one of the hardest drives I think in California. The trip takes 50 minutes to traverse the 32 Miles. Even some drivers get car sick on this road! The IS350 laughed at it and handled remarkable. I can't wait to drive it again, before I dreaded the thought of Hwy 20. Good job Lexus!