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  1. Trevor, Thanks for the info. You were correct, I had not connected the temp sender wire. It is a bugger of a thing to locate and even more difficult to fit the connector when the entire loom is in situ. The sender unit is tucked in behind the plastic spark plug channel. Done now, so everything is fine. Thanks again, Alan.
  2. Trevor, Thanks for the reply. Will check the sender unit . Al
  3. G'day fellas, On my 97 pre VVT LS400 I've just finished changing a starter motor, new plugs and leads and a new water temp sensor. Cleaned the intake plenum, intake manifold, ports and throttle body. put it back together and fired her up last night. Everything went perfect except I now have a non operational temp gauge. My question is where to start to diagnose the problem? is the temp gauge signal taken from the water sensor I replaced or from another location. I fitted an OEM water temp sensor # 89422-20010 and DID fit the wiring plug correctly. Your collective thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Little Al.
  4. Yes Billy I will keep the ideas listed in the link closeby when I do my valve clearances. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Billy for the reply, I use feeler gauges to check the gap also. What I am actually after is the tool that depresses the valve (bucket) and the tool that holds the valve bucket down allowing for the removal of the shim. It is ambiguous but the manufacturers call this tool, which comes as a two piece kit a shim style valve adjusting tool. Little Al
  6. Thanks for the reply, I figured that the dealer would have the equipment but thought I would try the forum members first to get some ideas. Would still like to know if the fleabay item will work on the 97 LS400 non VVT motor.
  7. G'day fellas, Anyone on the forum got the heads up on where to source a shim style valve adjusting tool kit to suit a 1997 LS400 non VVT? Don't seem to be able to find one in Australia but have seen Toyota valve tools on evilbay USA sites. The ones I have viewed are very ambiguous on what they will fit. The model number that is advertised by many different sites seems to be the same --SLY-88250. Also is there a source for the shims? Thanks in advance for your help. Little Al