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  1. I had this problem with my '93 LS 400. After some time parked under a tree it had water in the spare wheel well, and dampness in the carpet & trim at the front RHS of the trunk. Note this is in Australia so the car is a RHD version. I cleaned all debris away from the channels & seals, and dried out the carpet, trim & wheel well. After the next rainstorm water had returned in the same places. I then discovered a drain just below the fuel filler inlet. It was blocked, at both ends as it turned out (it drains out just behind the rear wheel). After cleaning the drain tube and drying everything again, the problem has not returned. I suspect that during the storms, the rain had entered around the fuel filler flap and, unable to drain fast enough because of the blocked drain and the close fit of the filler flap to the body, it built up in the filler compartment until it rose above the black rubber membrane around the filler tube. It thus overflowed into the trunk and trickled down into the wheel well. If you have this problem it's a quick job that's worth a try.