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  1. Not saying that. When I brought the car in they had to run some tests which included replicating the misfire/rough idle problem. They then sent the information to Lexus in California. It was later that evening that I got the word from the dealer that my car qualified for the CSP and they fixed it under warrantee. They had it a week.
  2. I have a 2006 IS 250 with 147,000 miles on it. I got an engine misfire about a year ago and in the last six months have been burning oil increasingly faster. I brought it in to the dealer and qualified for the customer support program. They are fixing the engine under warrantee. My question is how long does this take to repair?? They have had the car a week already with no word on how much longer they will have it.
  3. I have a 2006 IS 250 with 147,000 miles on it. Still going strong