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  1. :o I have a '98 LX470 whose driver-side power mirror has lost its up-down movement. I can still control the mirror left-right. I can control all functions on the passenger-side mirror, and the tilt down works fine too. Any ideas?
  2. Abs Light

    Jim_Chow you were close! The dealer found the problem to be a faulty right front speed sensor. According to the mechanic, the problem with the sensor was a short (couldn't clean it). They replaced it for $450. ;) ABS light goes off now after diagnostics are complete.
  3. Abs Light

    I took it to the dealer on Friday. I'll let you know what they find.
  4. Abs Light

    The ABS light comes on periodically on our 2000 LX470. The dealer asked us to take it to him while the light is on which we did. He ran the diagnostic test, checked the 3 items suggested by the computer but found nothing ubnormal. He reset the code which caused the light to turn off. Later in the day the light came back on. The dealer doesn't know what is causing the light to come on. He told us not to worry about it unless we re prepared to pay big $ for them to do a detailed search. Any ideas besides putting a black electrical tape over it?