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  1. I recently joined your forum to pick some brains on a suspension issue and could not help noticing this thread. This problem drives us crazy over here in England as well and nobody seems to have got to the bottom of of it although all the same suspects have come up for discussion. Dealers just deny there is a problem and blame poor battery condition /lack of use which is obviously bull.... If I don't use the car for more than 3 days I disconnect the battery.That is the only way I have found of being certain of a good start. My battery has a life of 10 days at most ( less in winter) when standing idle.
  2. thanks for that site,just been looking through it and should prove useful.
  3. firstly,hello from the other side of the pond,a cold but surprisingly sunny Berkshire,England. Like most SC 430 owners I think there are a lot of good things about this car but the 'ride' is not one of them. It seems the run flat tyres ( or should that be tires ? ) is the first place to start so I have bought another set of wheels which I am currently having refurbed and new (non RF) tyres fitted . Mine is a 2001 car and I believe the later models around 2007 had upgraded suspension as Lexus were aware of the problem.However ,I am struggling to find out out exactly what parts were changed . Not much technical inf on this subject available on the UK forum and the Lexus main dealers don't seem interested in giving out inf so I thought I would post the question to you guys to see if you can throw any light on this upgrade. There is also the possibility that you may have some aftermarket, non Lexus,suspension upgrade kits available in the US given the much bigger volume of sales of the SC than here in the UK. All feedback much appreciated,thanks.