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  1. Hi, I am looking for the original black Lexus tri-fold garment bag made by TUMI that came with the 2005 SC430 Pebble Beach Edition. Thank you! Steve
  2. Phyjer, CIRCUL8Systems and Judow, do you still have your bags and are they still up for sale? If yes, please send me a note. I am interested in purchasing two. Thank you! Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi guys, I am interested in buying the following items for my SC430: TOM'S SUSPENSION MEMBER REINFORCEMENT BRACE - FRONT 51403-TUZ40-02 TOM’S LOWER BODY REINFORCE BRACE 52297-TUZ40-03 Thank you! Steve
  4. What Is Best Year For Sc430

    2005 (last year of pre-facelift model) or 2010 (last year of facelift model), but most importantly get a beauty and enjoy her!
  5. Looking For A Luxlink Unit

    Hi Paul, thank you for the friendly welcome and good advice! Stephen
  6. Looking For A Luxlink Unit

    Hi, my name is Stephen and I am living in Europe. I bought a 2005 SC430 a couple of weeks ago and what can I say... I love the car ;) I would like to upgrade my beauty with a LuxLink unit and would like to ask if somebody here has a working one and is willing to sell it. As you probably know, the product was discontinued some time ago and is not longer available. Thank you very much in advance! b rgds, Stephen
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