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  1. Common problem on all cars due to degassing of plastic interior parts. 

    I use Sprayaway glass cleaner and never have an issue cleaning it off. It does come back as the car is constantly degassing so regular cleaning is required. Dash mats help quite a bit to reduce cleaning times  

    I own an autoglass business by trade and get asked this often. 

  2. My wife's 2010 Rx350 and my now totaled Nissan business van have Xpel. Much better product than 3m brand clear film. 

    Thicker, doesn't yellow, self repairing on minor impacts and holding up well to regular washing and chemicals from raid for snow. 

    Highly recommend and to have it professionally installed by competent tech. 

  3. A quick simple way to determine if it is side mirror air turbulence is to fold mirrors in while driving. If sound changes noticeably then there's issue. Alignment of glass is also easy 20 min fix if not correct. Another thing to look at are door seals. Sometimes they come out of retaining channel and don't seal correctly as they should. Just push back into slot. Today's cars are very aerodynamic and it is usually something simple. Serious problems are obvious to even a casual mechanical eye.

    I'm not a lexus tech. I own Autoglass business and have been diagnosing and fixing air noise issues for decades that the factory techs just can't seem to find that are right in their face.

    My wife's 2010 rx350 is acceptably quiet at 70 mph.

  4. Just to verify, the glass does not wear out or get thinner over time.

    Glass is not like a tire that wears with use. The rubber channel the glass is in does shrink and become brittle over the yrs but usually a decade before any noticeable issue if never protected with a preservative. If the glass isn't adjusted properly you may have an issue but a simple examination of its alignment to rubber channel only takes a minute to verify.

    The noise issue as with so many cars is primarily from the side view mirrors disrupting air as it passes around car creating vortex that buffets glass. The higher end flagship cars usually get some air wings on them to help control the aerodynamics of the mirror.

  5. Most likely something had chipped glass or scratched it slightly at some point. If there was a defect in laminated door glass you would have seen crack first time you rolled it up or down as stress from movement would cause it to run.

    The glass is curved and under slight tension when in up position so crack will continue to move.

    I've replaced many(hundreds)of laminated doors from various car manufacturers over last few yrs since becoming more popular option.

    Only two were actually defects at mounting tab and that resulted in several cracks starting from stressed area.

    Toyota/Lexus glass is a premium price and no suitable aftermarket replacement is available. Cost of glass + $70-100 for labor is good deal.