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  1. I am having a little issue with the Pandora app running on the Lexus Enform system. I always run the Enform app on my iPhone 5 and properly paired via Bluetooth. But sometimes when I switch radio mode from say XM to Pandora it does not play (or stream) the first time. On the application screen it shows the station and song and status is "Paused". It won't play even if I click on the play icon. As a workaround, I put the display on map mode, turn off the radio and turn it back on then it will start playing the songs in Pandora. It is happening every day as I start driving to work. I am thinking of setting up an appointment with the dealer's technology specialist but it maybe just something silly that I'm not supposed to do. Anybody experiencing similar issue?
  2. Congratulations on your purchase! I agree with you, the ride quality is what sold me to get this car. Also, it has a pleasant feel on the steering wheel, I can't quite put it or maybe it's just the wood trim. :)
  3. Hello Paul, Thank you. The ES300h utilize the nickel metal hydride battery and not the trendier lithium batteries. Based on the warranty booklet, it is covered for 8 years or 100K miles but since I live in CA, it is extended to 10 years or 120K miles (dealer said it's a state law). In my opinion, the electric motor batteries are maintenance free. I have spoken with a few veteran Prius owners when i still have my Camry hybrid for service and said that they didn't have any issues with the battery which they owned for 8 years. There is a vent in the left side back seat that sucks in air to keep the battery cool during operation. Yes, the 2013 ES300h and ES350 have subtle differences in the interior (EV mode and smaller trunk space for hybrid). Outside, there is hybrid badge, blue outline on the Lexus logo and it comes with a rear lip spoiler as standard (according to my dealer). Not sure about the ES350 exhaust if they are dual chrome plated but in the hybrid model, it is hidden. I hope this helps. :)
  4. I always assumed that this is normal since this is my 4th Toyota hybrid but it's good to know that it's the ABS. I never actually asked the service technicians about it. Also about 5 minutes after turning off the vehicle I can hear some clicking noise as well. :)
  5. On my first tank of gas, I averaged about 39.6 mpg, normal mode, about 70% FWY and 30% city driving, mostly flat road with A/C running only on my return trip in the afternoon (from work). I do park the car in a covered garage so I guess the A/C is not working as hard to cool down the car. I am driving normally, keeping up with freeway and city traffic as much as I can. I am anticipating red lights at intersection so the regenerative braking can charge the battery as long as possible (and not wearing down the brake pads at the same time). So far I'm very satisfied with the initial mpg readings compared to its EPA rating. I think keeping the tires properly inflated at 33 PSI (cold) will also help.
  6. Hello everyone, I am now a proud owner of 2013 Lexus ES300h. Over the years, I've leased Camry hybrids (2008, 2010 and 2012) and loved them all. The 2012 Camry ride quality became too firm for my taste and I was initially looking at the new Avalon but a fully loaded hybrid would cost as much as a base Lexus ES300h. So I made a decision to pay an extra $5K to trade up to the Lexus brand. I purchased it time as I intend to keep it for at least 5 years and not stress about changing cars every 3 years and keeping an eye on my mileage. My purchasing experience is definitely a step up from Toyota and even the service department were very professional and friendly (I was there to customize some settings). I am quite familiar with the ES300h power plant as it is the same set up with 2012 Camry and 2013 Avalon Hybrid so I know what to expect in driving this car. The ride quality is definitely better, the doors are heavy but they open wide so I can easily load and strap my kid in his car seat and it burns 87 octane gas. :) I am attaching some photos (i'll see if I can make this work). :)
  7. Welcome to the Lexus forums wheeljack :)