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  1. how easy is to replace the ocv and ocv filter. do you happen to have the toyota part number
  2. can a locksmith program the microchip? how much does a dealer charge for programming.
  3. 1. buy the oil and filter(toyota) separately and take it to the local oil change center or look for oil/filter change coupon specials at local toyota dealerships. 2. ocatane rating 87 (as per the manual recommendation) 3. For all replacement parts use oem . it may be cheaper to buy the oem parts online. eg lexus pembroke
  4. there is a diy on this installation. check/search the forum.
  5. http://ww2.justanswer.com/uploads/snd27613/2008-10-22_165255_p1300.pdf
  6. 97 and 98 are non-interference engines. meaning it won;t damage the engine if the tb breaks.
  7. you should fill up as soon as you see the "steady" low light. extreme low fuel may result in fuel pump burnout.
  8. I have been experiencing a low/dull vibration at about 1800 RPM in around 50mph. It seems to happen just before the shift point in the automatic transmission and disappears after shifting and isn't present (or not felt) before 1800 rpm. did the following tests. 1. car in parked/neutral rev'd the engine to over 1800 rpm. No vibrations felt 2. put the gear in "Low" mode and accelerate to over 1800 rpm. No vibration felt any thoughts
  9. oem is the way to go. i purchased oem pads from pembroke lexus online.
  10. i had the same rattle issue. replaced the strut mount and the strut bumper (yellow) and the problem solved.
  11. 98 es300 is a non-interference engine. so if the TB breaks it won't harm your engine other than the inconvenience of getting stranded. instead of spending money for inspecting the TB condition you should start shopping for a TB change for a 10+ yr old car.. any certified toyota mechanic can do a timing Belt change not necessary from a dealership. i recommend using oem parts.
  12. 430's came out 02 thru 06. which yr is better. was anything changed in 06.
  13. there is already another thread on the replacement process. it is NOT easy as replacing your tail lamp.
  14. Agreed. i was quite skeptical initially. i had the fsm printed and oversaw the entire process. it was performed as clock work by him. the labor deal includes replacing all belts (drive belts, timing belts), tensioners, idler pulleys and waterpump. i skipped the waterpump since the previous lexus dealership records showed a replacement. i purchased all oem parts from pembroke. my point is there is no requirement that this major service must be done at a dealership.
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