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  1. My CPO NX200T came missing one fob and the dealer replaced it and the new one is now programmed. I asked them if the missing one, if found could potentially be used to enter and drive the car away - in this day and age, anything is possible (the PO would know the VIN right). They said yes, the third fob is still active since it was a duplicate. I thought immobilizer codes were unique and were all married to the system. They said to be absolutely sure, I needed two new fobs! This just doesn't sound right. Any help would be appreciated...
  2. The Lexus Customer Satisfaction folks called me everyday for about a week while I was away to follow up on my issue. I don't know it they would have interceded with the dealership, it sounded like they would but it turned out it wasn't necessary. The number is a good piece of information that I stumbled upon and it's not even on their website.
  3. Thanks to this topic I was able to resolve the same issue when I paid for a 12.1 upgrade and the update aborted in the middle. The tech tried to tell me it was done but the display still showed 9.1. I spoke with the Customer Assurance people at the dealership and in Corporate. The Lexus USA Customer number 800-255-3987 was helpful and verified that I should see 12.1 on the info panel. The dealership did not hassle me at all and had me come in and made sure the right techs were around. They also refunded my money which was the best part of the whole thing!
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums jsmythe :)