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  1. Sounds bad, doesn't it!?! I wonder if this housing part can be replaced? I'm going to take a picture of the leaking part and post it... someone may have experienced the same problem and have a fix.... (I've gotta figure out how to post a pic, now... it seems there's always something new to figure out!) Thanks for the post!
  2. I could use some expertise, please, as I do not have access to a service manual: My 1993 Lexus ES300's transmission has a crack in the housing and is leaking transmission fluid. Easily gotten to through the driver's side front wheelwell's panel you can see this hairline crack rising upward from the center. It looks like a screw, which used to be in the very center of this round housing, has broken off partway down in it's screw hole in the housing. Anybody seen this before? What did you do? and what can I do? I appreciate any thoughts you have on this, as well, it's my old car that has 270K miles and I'd like it to last forever. Any ideas?