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  1. I didn't realize until adding the RX that my son was still on my insurance policy. He is 21 and no longer lives with me. After removing him from all of our vehicles, my insurance rates were literally half of what they used to be! Wish I had thought to call them a year ago when he moved out. It's been just over 2 weeks now and I still love my "new" RX. We installed the new DVD/Game headrests on Sunday. The color matches perfectly and the install went very smoothly. Can't even tell they are aftermarket. :) Happy Happy!
  2. 2001 RX 300 - 120,900 miles 1 previous owner Purchased for $7,500 on April 13, 2013 from Arlington Hts Ford in Arlington Hts, IL Only problems I've had in the past two weeks are: 1) antenna does not go up or down, the motor just whirrs and the antenna remains stationary; 2) vehicle pulled to the right while driving; 3) steering wheel makes a rubbing noise when turning 1) It seems we can purchase a replacement antenna off eBay for fairly cheap and fix it ourselves. 2) Brought my RX to D. Wells Goodyear Auto Center for an alignment. Turned out we had a tire with a broken belt and the othe
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  4. I just bought a 2001 RX300 last Saturday with 120K on it. Once in a while, after starting it, the belt makes a high pitched squeal. If I turn off the engine and restart it, most of the time it goes away immediately. It's only done it like twice in the past week. We haven't gotten in there to check the belt yet since it's been raining all week. Were you able to determine the cause of the squeal and what did you do to get rid of it? Thanks! Charlene
  5. After 6 weeks of searching for the PERFECT used vehicle at the right price, last Saturday we picked up a 2001 RX300. I love it so much. What a wonderful vehicle to drive. It's black with ivory interior which I found to be not an easy combination to locate in my area. Everything is either black on black or white gold crystal with ivory interior (which I almost settled for). Since both of our other vehicles are black, I kinda wanted to keep our third that way as well. :) Anywho, I look forward to sharing in the wealth of Lexus knowledge this forum has to provide and getting to know other
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