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  1. thank you know if an '05 GX has GPS, is the back-up camera standard as well? I'm considering 2 different GX's 05 GX470 with 29K miles - asking $31K (still negotiable) 05 GX470 with 47K mile - asking $27.9K (still negotiable) I'm leaning towards the one with lower miles.......
  2. Hi guys.... I leased a 2006 GS300 and the Bluetooth came standard. The car had a GPS and Back-up camera as well. Currently planning on purchasing a pre-owned GX470, but want to make sure that Bluetooth is already built-in. Please advise if you have bluetooth, and what year is your GX. thanks.
  3. Hi all - Any word as to when the the GX470 will be redesigned? jason
  4. Hi guys - I'm new here. I'm from Southern California. What should I expect to pay on 2004 or 2005 GX470, with NAV and Rear Ent System? any dealerships you can suggest to go to? thanks! jason