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  1. Thanks. but it has impact on AC high pressure side. My high pressure side ac hose got leaked near compressure due to higher temp. So ac condenser won't cool down gas efficiently. Specially when vehicle is parked and in idle mode with AC switched on.
  2. hi, you may check below : 1) Rear balance & stabilizer bars whether their is any play between joints , screws or broken rubber bus. - Inorder to check this you need to jack the vehicle from the chassis, leaving all 4 wheels free without any load. otherwise you wont be able to diagnose with the vehicle load on these joints. 2) Check rear suspension. You may check whether suspension bolts & screws are tightened enough. Inorder to check this you have to remove two plastic lids from the in-cabin boot compartment. Located on the rear mudguard. 2) Check Silencer bu
  3. Hi, i have Lexus RX 330 2005. I noticed my Radiator/Condenser cooling fans operate only in "Low Speed" Mode in all 4 scenarios below. < Refer Attachment > a) Engine coolant temperature 90°C (194 °F) or below - > Rotate (Low speed) b) Engine coolant temperature 95 °C (203 °F) or above -> Rotate (High speed) c) A/C Refrigerant pressure is less than 1,520 kPa (15.5 kgf/cm2, 220 psi) -> Rotate (Low speed) d) A/C Refrigerant pressure is 1,520 kPa (15.5 kgf/cm2, 220 psi) or above -> Rotate (High speed) I already checked below. - Removed fan connectors
  4. hi, Finally managed to sort this out. Hope this may help you guys too. Setp by step diagnosis: ----------------------------- 1) i removed the power out sockets ( there are two connecters for two fan motors. refer pic attached) from the fan controller unit and checked the voltage using a voltage meter. Power is there when i switch on the A/C. - > Meaning no electrical issue upto the fan controller output. 2) Then using a flexible wire i directly gave power to fan motors from the battery. a. Left side one started immediately. - meaning no issue b. Right side not started
  5. hi all, i have a 2003 Toyota Harrier 300G. its a Japanese import. ( Similar to Lexus RX 330 / 350 in US ). The display screen on the dash which houses A/C, TV and GPS also. Currently it has done 110,000km Few days ago i noticed this A/C issue. Suddenly a/c stopped working. it was not cooling at all. When i opened the bonnet, i noticed that a/c compressor was not working, and even the 2 cooling fans behind the radiator was not working. At that point i noticed that temp gauge was moving towards RED zone. so i immediately stopped the engine and kept for a while to cool down. After 30mi
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums carlover_rx :)

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