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  1. Thanks Andy - I use the trunk/luggage outlet regularly but it does not have enough capacity (only 15A) to allow full power transmit of my radio. I'd like to find where the 20A circuit can be found.
  2. Looking for location of power outlet 2 supplied from 20A fuse in box by battery - would like to rum a HAM radio. Found 15A 'Cig' fuse in box under steering wheel powering outlet near shifter on console, plus 'power outlet 1' 15A fuse for outlets low below front console & rear luggage compartment - both outlets on same circuit. But cannot find any reference to power outlet 2 in owners manual. In service manual/wiring diagrams, found fuse location, but couldn't find the wiring anywhere else. Also searched forums, but didn't locate answer. Any chance the 20A circuit wires are under center console between front seats? Thanks Wilson
  3. put Michelin latitude tours on last spring. very good driving now! ever since new, rx had drifted to right requiring steering pressure to keep on track on freeways. Lexus dealer with support from corporate had replaced PS rack -reduced problem but didn't fix it. Alignment twice by Lexus didn't gain good driving. independent shop got improvement but it took replacing the tires to get it driving like it should have - finally after 120k km. snow tires were damaged too by misalignment. New snow tires also drove great this winter.
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums Wilson 2007 :)

    1. Wilson 2007

      Wilson 2007

      Thanks for the welcome, Steve. I had been a member since getting my 07 RX, but for some reason, site wouldn't recognize me any more, so had to re-register.