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  1. exhaust first, then suspension, then performance
  2. i kinda feel like it does, here in maine they put 10% ethnol mix in the gas you pump.. i dont believe this is done everywhere.
  3. heck no, im gonna run my car to the ground i love it.. very reliable
  4. when will the price ever come down. oh wait seems like never
  5. 4.23 a gallon for premium
  6. when i forst bought the car i told myself that i wasnt gonna modify the car in any way.. after some time i decided to see what was out there for parts.. damn mod bug is starting to hit again
  7. nice car, im diggin the wheels
  8. just wanted to swing in there and say hi to all the lexus owners
  9. Welcome to the Lexus forums 25gturbo :)