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  1. 96 Lexus ES300 sometimes (especially when car left un-driven more than two days) get low idle speed (less than 100 rpm) at cold engine start, have to step on gas pedal slightly to keep it running. But a minute or so, idle goes back to normal. Sometimes I also get high idle speed at cold start(ie: more than 1500 rpm). I've cleaned intake throttle, idle air control valve, and MAF sensor about 9k miles ago, but problem still persisted. Not sure if this is indication that idle air control valve or throttle position sensor is going bad. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, Thanks for posting the starter fix. I have same problem with my 96 ES300 and hate to throw away $500 when there is easier fix. Kindly send me the pics, part #...etc. Thank you very much Simon
  3. I have ES300-96'. I thoroughly cleaned the idle air control valve and air intake throttle, idle problem gone, but 2k miles later, low-to-no idle problem re-surfaced when I start the engine. What else could cause it that I haven't looked at? Thanks Simon
  4. Hi LexusClub members, I changed spark plugs for the 1996 ES300. It was a lot of effort as the 4, 5, 6th spark plug valves are hidden under the main air manifold and required taking them out to reach for these spark plugs. Strangely, I realized these 4, 5, 6th spark plugs do not have spark plug coils on them and there are no electrical wiring for the coils either. But the 1st three spark plugs in the front do have coils and the spark plug cables are connecting directly to the 4, 5, 6th spark plugs. Is this normal as expected? Thanks
  5. I have a 1996 Lexus ES300 with 200k miles. I faced with low to no engine idle and is confirmed by auto mechanics it's the idle air control valve problem and requires cleaning. There is no "check engine" indicator on. I managed to clean the throttle, opend up electrical panel of the idle air control valve and the backside plate, allowing me to rotate the pencil-sized magnetic shaft to the full 360-degrees to loosen carbon-deposit buildup. However, I forgot how many 180-degree turns I rotated and forgot to mark the shaft's original position. Can it cause problem if the shaft ends up placed 180-degree off from the original position, as I don't know what is the original position? If it matters, and before I assemble the entire IACV, how can I identify the correct position? Thanks