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  1. As of yesterday the lid on the console cup holder won't stay closed. Is this a commom problem? How do I fix it? There is a hole in the right rear of the base...is something supposed to stick out of it? How do I remove the cup holder to try and fix it? Thanks.
  2. I need to remove the pass side door latch. Does anyone know how this is done. I've been able to remove the rod to the outside handle and the three retaining screws. But, there seems to be more wires and rods to disconect and how do you snake the latch past the window guide bar? Thanks for the help. PS anyone have a pass side latch for sale?
  3. :D It's an English thing. Oh..your trunk lid is a boot. Don't throw any spanners at me, I don't make these things up.
  4. We bought an SC several months ago. The headlights were clear then. After a while condensation started to form in the drivers light. The temp was in the high 60's. Since then the temps have soared to the high 80's low 90's and the light has cleared. Can I seal/reseal the lights with something like tub caluking? Will the condensation re-appear when the temps drop again?
  5. Try Lexuspros.com look at cup holder in the tutorial section. This gives you an idea of how to get to those lights.
  6. When I test drove the '92 SC400 I bought last week I didn't notice anything unusual. Now I notice the water temp guage swings all over the place, but mostly stays in the top quarter. It hits the red mark alot, but never hits the top white mark (can it hit that mark?). Fluid level is ok and the engine doesn't act hot (no smell or sounds). Is it really overheating, or is it a bad sensor or guage? Another problem is no interior heat. From other posts this might be common and I'll have to re-read to see if there is the answer in that post.
  7. My '92 SC400 has a color code 3k3. What is the color red "officialy" called?
  8. Where can I get a cup holder to fit the slot on the dash? How much do they cost? Will I be able to install it myself? Thanks for the info. Don
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