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  1. since I hate it when people never write the conclusion....... I fixed it today. I couldn't find a FSM for a lexus but I did for a v6 cam. I used a paper clip jumper on the cruise control diagnostic port and the cruise control light still flashed no codes. So I followed the FSM for what it says to do when all checks normal.....first up is to check the wiring and connector at the cruise control box. I pull the 4 pin connector off, and once off reveal that the red with black stripe wire is striped and barely holding a thread. In my removal of that connector I broke it the rest of the way. So I re-spliced the wire together with a butt connector and took the car for a drive. CRUISE WORKS GREAT! So there is the thread update for those who find this thread in the future. J. R.
  2. Ok, I found a FSM for a camary v6 but it should be the same I hope...... But it gave me a good idea of what could trip the cruise control to not set. Also some voltages to check assuming the lexus really is the same. Here are some pics for people that find this thread and need help also.
  3. I will check those. I really do need a wiring schematic with voltages I should be checking for. Can anyone that has the FSM take a screen shot of the cruise control trouble shooting page if such a page exists and post it on here? J. R.
  4. That is a good idea. If that was the case though my brake lights would be on all the time correct? So I can check that switch, but also rule out that being the problem if my brake lights aren't on all the time ya? What are the other switches that it could be? I think I read somewhere that there is another switch to check that the car is in "d" drive. Maybe I need to pull my shifter cover off and look to see that the sensor is realizing I am in drive. Although my instrument cluster does show I am in "d" and I would assume its the same switch so I don't know if that is it. More ideas guys? J. R.
  5. So my cruise control engaged and started to accelerate the car and then instantly let off and stopped working. That was 3 days ago and I try it every time I get in the car and it doesn't work. I looked up on here how to check it and the first thing the forum says along with the manual is that the cruise control light will flash 5 times then shut off to show there is an error. WELL THAT IS MY PROBLEM: The cruise control light never flashes. It stays on and acts like everything is fine and working properly. I am very mechanical but don't know where to start to track down this problem now that the cruise control itself doesn't think anything is wrong. Anyone have the factory service manual and could post how to track down this problem? My car is a 1998 ES300. J. R.
  6. thanks for the help camlex! One more thing, throw about 1/3 can of seafoam into your oil, seemed to help a bit for me as well. However, it is still "slightly" there. I hope I can knock it out with the MAF cleaning. Zockslexus I am currently having the same problem with my 98 ES300. The car has 67k on it. I noticed that I can only get the car to do the slight surging being in any gear, at any speed, as long as I am just giving the car 10-30% throttle and am between 1500-2500 rpm. I did have a o2 sensor and EGR code but they both went away on there own, yet the car is still doing the surging. Hope you guys can solve the problem because I think we are all in the same boat. I am going to try to clean the maf and the EGR. J. R.
  7. Do you think I would be able to get away with upsizing a little and running 245/45/18 's all the way around and not rub? Just curious, because I really do love the big rim, big rubber look a 45 profile offers. Thanks J. R.
  8. Hey, I am guessing I can fit 02-03 sc430 rims on a 92 sc400. They are 18x8 inch rims. My question is on tires. What should I run? Should I just run 245/40/18's all the way around? Could I and not get rub? Or should I do something like 225/40/18 front and 245/40/18 in the rear? On 8' rims I really can't go larger than a 245 can I? I would think a 255 would be pushing it. Anyway. Hope some tire experts can help me out.....thanks! J. R.
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