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  1. That is awesome. However, 300 bucks for an input which you can make yourself for less than 50 is a little much. If it was 100 i would buy it in a second. However... i wish these people would have had the video/audio adapter before I bought mine a year ago.. theirs seems higher quality and better integrated. BTW, I think I used my DVD changer 5 times in the year that i've had it... And to answer your question, I had it professionally installed... although I was just too lazy to do it. It's pretty straight forward... hook up into the OEM harness, and run the wires. I had the DVD changer installed under the cover in the trunk, where the spare tire should have gone... so when the cover is down, you can't see anything. Like I previously stated though, the sound is FM modulated, so it sounds like !Removed! - the solution that you have seems much better. If you can go with that, I would.
  2. i have one of these... ( it works for video... sounds like crap though (since I have it FM Modulated now). It's 500 bucks, but if you want video and dont want to ruin your interior with another monitor, you may want to take a look at it. NOTE: Their website is screwed up... to see the options you're adding, scroll down and you'll have some drop down boxes... with your mouse highlight what "MAY" be there next to those boxes on the left hand side... and voila... text appears (the text colors blend in with the background... ). Hope this helps.
  3. Ok, I think I found out what you were talking about... it's amazing how easy it is the more you think about it... however, I have one more question... if you're there that is... The 4pdt switch has 3 rows of 4 poles (Left +/-, Right +/-). You have the 1st row with the stock radio, and the 3rd row with the new input. This leaves the middle (2nd position) open --- which is usually the OFF position. Is that where you connect the output to? Or is your switch somehow an ON/ON/ON switch? I can only manage to find ON/OFF/ON switches... if anyone finds the other type, or if anyone cares to get back to me (and hopefully enlighten my limited knowledge of circuits... PLEASE DO SO.
  4. Wow... exactly what I've been looking for. A few more questions... 1. Where do I get the 4PDT switch (is that a 4 input switch? can I get one that's more than 1 input - maybe for a DVD player/Ipod?) What exactly am I looking for here? 2. I was looking for the DC blocker on PIE's website... once again.. not there... could it go by another name maybe? Once again, sorry for the stupid questions, but I am really interested in this, and I just can't take the FM modulator anymore. Please help.