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  1. Radio Amp On Sc430 Mark Levinson

    I have a similar problem with the ML stereo system on my 2001 GS430. I've read so many posts in this website that points to solving the problem by replacing the ML amp. I'm thinking I may not have to replace the amp because of one symptom that so far looks unique in my case. The last 3 times I've gone for a carwash - the stero system works ! The sound is excellent and all the controls also work fine. However, this will only last at the most only 1 day, then it's back to no sound. I can't be going to a carwash everyday just to be able to listen to music while I'm driving. LOL. So to me, it looks like there's a 'bad' connection is some of the wiring to the amp. I'm going to have to do a DIY and look at this myself, and hope to fix this bad connection. Anyone else out there experience this ? Stereo works termporarily after a carwash ?
  2. Welcome to the Lexus forums Cucamonga :)