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  1. Got it. It pulls right out with the skinny fingers of an 11 year old... ;)
  2. Anyone know how the light bulb comes out? Do I have to take off the door panel? I popped the lens off, but can't get the bulb out (pulling twisting, etc)...
  3. Thought I'd share this b/c I looked everywhere for this info, and finally found it! The cabin air filter for 1995 is on the driver side counsel near the gas pedal! You'll need to pull carpet back to access. Appearantly many 1995s did not come with filter, either. I found an empty slot. Ordered filter thinking I'd be replacing old one. So after spraying all the gunk and leaf fragments off the A/C coil, I now have a 'fancy' charcoal filter for the cabin. Should help with my allergies. Posted in case someone else is wondering about 95 cabin filters...
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums Johno29 :)