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  1. So we just bought this car roughly 2 months ago and it is my wife's daily driver. A week later we realized the right HID isn't working. All other lights work. I order new bulbs and replace and still doesn't work. Tonight the left side HiD went out. I haven't had a chance to pull the bulb out to replace and see if it is just a blown bulb, but worst case scenario does anyone have any opinions? The right side HID is my really worry... Does anyone know the leading causes of why this wouldn't work even after checking bulb and ensuring it was good? Thanks in advance!
  2. can you please send me the wiring diagram for the tail lights in a 99 lexus rx300... thank you so much!
  3. Hey guys, Ive got a 99 rx300 and it is running horrible, has the blinking CEL on... The code reads cylinder 1 misfire.... I am changing the spark plugs and ignition coils to start... But my question is how do you get to the 1, 3, 5 cylinders to change the plugs and coils? Do you have to take the intake off or does anyone have any advice on how to reach them? Thanks guys!!!
  4. Personally i know it depends on how hard or easy i drive mine....right now i have gotten 20.8 mpg to a whole tank, drivin it relatively easy. That is city and interstate driving together.
  5. I was just curious what kind of gas mileage does everyone get? I am wondering if mine is getting bad gas mileage, or if it was normal. I am getting about 18, and if i drive it really easily ill get low 19's. Thanks
  6. 99 RX300 AWD 70,000 miles on it 1 owner $18,600 For an extra $1350 4 year unlimited mile warranty
  7. I have a 99 rx300 and mine did the same thing. They ended up cleaning out all of my throttle body and that stuff and then they had to add a cleaner to my gas to remove crap from it because that was part of the problem. You might want to try that as well seemed to help mine.
  8. I have 80,000 and nothing yet, I think my front strut bushings or somethign like that are going out, but there is a TSB out for them or so i read on here. That should replace them.
  9. Ive got a 99 RX300 and i put new bulbs in it. Since it is late tonight, tomorow i will get the exact bulbs i used, but they have the blue color that you might be looking for; however as far as the fog light i was told that you can not change the actual fog light because it is a whole bulb not just an interchangeable bulb. But i did the high and low beams, which include the day time running lights. Does anyone else know about the fog light issue?
  10. I have a 99 rx300 and i went with Nation Wide Insurance. I pay $590 every 6 months, which i thought was pretty good. I dont have any accidents, and got some off for my grades in college....hope this helps
  11. THey charged me a little bit for some kind of additive they used to run through it, but not for any of the labor.
  12. Well the final verdict was the gas. They cleaned out the whole fuel system - injectors, etc. and some other things and in the end , it seems that i bougt some very bad gas that caused this whole problem...sux
  13. As far as this tsb thing, where can i obtain a copy of this to take it to my dealer, and what is the goodwill warranty exactly?
  14. Well they had my car all day and they cant figure out what is wrong with it. I told them what you all said it was and they were checking it. They were confused because there was no check engine light or anything came on it just quit running. They think it might be the gas. Hopefully it will be ready tomorrow. THanks for your help guys
  15. I have a 99 RX300 and today my car quit running. Now when i start it i have to rev it up and keep it over 1000 rpms to keep it running....if it falls below this it will die everytime. I am having it towed to the place i bought it at tomorrow. Luckily i purchased a 4 year unlimited mile warranty with it so it will be covered.
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